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Ben Nye Final Seal Matte Makeup Sealer


16oz Jug H
SKU: 02/FY16
UPC: 784779007124

SIZE: 16oz
Hazardous: Must be shipped ground.

8oz Refill H
SKU: 02/FY8
UPC: 784779007117

SIZE: 8oz Refill
Hazardous: Must be shipped ground.

2oz Spray H
SKU: 02/FY2
UPC: 784779007100

SIZE: 2oz
Hazardous: Must be shipped ground.

1oz Spray
SKU: 02/FY0
UPC: 784779007131

SIZE: 1oz




Final Seal can be applied over any completed makeup for a smudge and water-resistant finish. Final Seal keeps makeup in place even on performers who perspire heavily. Add to Liquid Paints (02/ml) for greater durability - about 10%. Take precaution around eye area and on sensitive skin. Remove with Hydra Cleanse (02/hr). Mint Fragrance.


  • Expect 20-50 applications per ounce
  • professional makeup matte sealer


16oz Jug H, 8oz Refill H, 2oz Spray H, 1oz Spray


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's Review  

September 18, 2013

We use this at the haunted house I work at to set our look once it's done. It holds up well to humidity, sweat, and rain, but hold your breath and keep your eyes closed when you apply it, then immediately step out of the cloud of vapor so you can breathe.

Rebecca A Baker's Review  

October 05, 2015

this is better then any other beauty sealer I or many other people I have talked to. It keeps your makeup in place, I was told places such a disney will use this to keep the characters make up on and in place.

Sheena's Review  

March 15, 2016

Very good product! It really helps keep your makeup on a lot longer than any setting spray I've ever used. I use it special effects, face/body painting, and regular beauty makeup. It is definitely a must have! Warning about this product though, leave your eyes closed for several seconds after misting on your face, because it will burn your eyes if it gets in them.